A chat with Rosie Trott

The craft of natural light photography

Rosie Trott’s images are unlike many of the whitewashed, high exposure images you see on social media. By contrast, her work is characterised by a distinct earthiness peppered with smatterings of natural, mottled light. The palette is organic, and the mood is, well, moody.

This style has not crystallised from an ambition to be different. Instead, it is a byproduct of both Rosie’s own affinity for nature and time studying film. This study, which she completed at the University of East Anglia, taught Rosie two main things. 1. that her aesthetic naturally gravitated towards a more raw, documentary-like style, and 2. she definitely didn’t want to be a filmmaker.

“Filmmaking is great, but I really love the instant gratification that comes with photography. It’s so exciting seeing how shots are coming out as you go”


Rosie Trott Photography

Image Credit: Rosie Trott Photography.


However, in spite of her departure from the movie making business, many of Rosie’s stylistic cues still come from film. Her love of Ken Burns; a documentary filmmaker known for his candid depictions of historic events, is evident in her work, as she swaps poise for vivid personality. 

“I like capturing people in their most raw state. I want to get them to laugh to make them relax and keep the shutter speed fast to capture every possible moment. It’s sometimes the transient moments between poses where someone’s true personality shines through.”


Rosie Trott Photography


Image Credit: Rosie Trott Photography. 


New Zealand is a new home for Rosie, having migrated here from her native Jersey a week before lockdown. Her business came with her and she quickly built up a new client-base when we moved into level 2. Many hours at home during this lockdown period not only meant self-reflection, like it did for many of us, but also self-capture. A range of her self-portraits are scattered through her Instagram account to this day; all with thoughtful, stream-of-conscious captions to mirror their unfiltered style. 

On the weekends, the mountains call and Rosie can be found capturing light as it falls and moves throughout New Zealand’s great trails, or inhaling some of Wellington’s best coffee. 

Yep, she fits right in here.


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