A good drop: the many skincare benefits of Mānuka Honey & Mānuka Oil

Mānuka Honey and Mānuka Oil; living up to the buzz.

When it comes to the newest and greatest skincare ingredients, it can be hard to sort the genuinely effective from the fad. But for Mānuka Honey and the lesser known Mānuka Oil, the benefits really do live up to the buzz. 

While the two products present some similarities in terms of skincare benefits, they differ in the method through which they are produced and processed. The better known ingredient; Mānuka Honey, which is a well-known antibacterial health supplement is derived from the hives of bees who feast on the nectar of the Mānuka Plant. 

Mānuka Oil, on the other hand, is produced by steam distilling the leaves and twigs of the Mānuka Plant. Part of the Myrtle family and often referred to as ‘native teatree’, the Manuka plant was traditionally used by Māori Tohunga (healers) to treat a variety of ailments, including burns, skin irritation and rheumatism. 


Manuka Honey


As with all botanical ingredients, not all Mānuka Honey and Mānuka Oil is made equal. Both are subject to strict grading procedures to determine both authenticity and quality.

The quality of Mānuka Honey is determined both by the MGO and UMF scales; the former of which measures the concentration of methylglyoxal, a compound which preserves the antibacterial properties of the honey. UMF is also a commonly used grading scale, which measures methylglyoxal, dihydroxyacetone and leptosperin; three occurring chemicals which must be present in order for Mānuka Honey to be classed as genuine. 

Mānuka Oil is also subject to grading and uses the M β TK scale to determine the concentration of beta triketones; the compounds which give Mānuka Oil such powerful antimicrobial properties. 

Manuka Honey + Honey Oil

Benefit-wise, both possess a veritable plethora. With a high concentration of phenolic compounds, Mānuka Honey is an incredible antibacterial agent as well as a natural humectant (i.e. it draws moisture from the surrounding environment and deeper layers of the skin for plump, hydrated skin). Due to its antimicrobial properties, it is wonderful to target acne and blemishes, and is a natural exfoliant.

Often used as a substitute for Tea Tree Oil, Mānuka Oil is also recognised as a powerful anti-inflammatory with antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. Soothing itchiness and skin sensitivity, Mānuka Oil deeply cleanses, promotes skin cell renewal and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Although Mānuka Oil is a vegan product, Mānuka Honey is not given the interaction of bees in its production, however we are mindful to partner with brands who incorporate sustainable practises in the production of Manuka Honey. Aotea Made, for example, ensures that enough honey remains in the hives to feed the bees during winter. 

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