Why you need an oil cleanser in your skincare routine

As a core part of your daily skincare routine, there are many things that your cleanser should do to keep your skin healthy, balanced and glowing. While an obvious role of your cleanser is to deeply purify the skin and remove impurities and environmental pollutants, your cleanser also plays a crucial role in protecting the skin’s protective barrier and balancing oil production.

There are also a lot of things that your cleanser shouldn't do. While a lot of traditional harsher, soap-based cleansers can disrupt the skin’s pH levels and strip the skin of its natural oils, natural oil cleansers are typically much gentler and work to maintain the skin’s microbiome (natural protective barrier).

Although perhaps unexpected, oil cleansers also offer incredible acne-fighting benefits for blemish-prone skin. While it may seem counterintuitive to apply oil to already oily skin, oil cleansers actually help to balance oil production. They can also help to melt away makeup and to reduce inflammation. 

Individually formulated to address specific skin care concerns, Tahi’s range of multi-purpose oils beautifully combine anti-inflammatory Sweet Almond Oil with New Zealand native botanicals, including Harakeke, Kawakawa, Kowhai and Koromiko.

Let’s explore:


Combining healing Kawakawa with balancing Manuka Oil, this aromatic formulation is perfect to soothe sensitive or reactive skin types. This oil blend can also be used as a moisturiser, hair or beard oil. 


With ultra-calming lavender, antibacterial Manuka oil and anti-inflammatory Sweet Almond oil, Marino can not only be used as super gentle oil cleanser but also as an effective makeup remover and moisturiser. 


A calming, multi-purpose oil with soothing Lavender, decongesting Koromiko and healing Kawakawa, Ngaruru is an ultra-soothing cleansing oil for sensitive skin. This aromatic oil blend can also be used as an indulgent massage oil for both Mum and Bub, or as a nourishing body oil. 


Perfect for oily skin, this Manuka Oil and Propolis-infused oil blend works to balance oil production while delivering antibacterial benefits. Use to melt away makeup, cleanse and hydrate oily skin.


Let’s start:

To reap the benefits of an oil cleansing ritual, apply a teaspoon of oil to damp skin. Massage in for a minute or so before removing with a damp, warm cloth.