A range of New Zealand made health products inspired by traditional Māori herbal remedies and supported by scientific research.

Based on Aotea (Great Barrier Island). 


Inspired by a combination of Founder, Tama Toki’s upbringing on Aotea Island (also known as Great Barrier Island) and his exposure to an abundance of native flora, Aotea Made was founded with a promise to give back to the community. As Tama says, "we weren’t in it to make a skincare company. It was more an expression of māoritanga and an inclination to do something that benefited the community more than anything else".

The result was a range of products combining traditional Maori plant-based remedies with a modern twist. Using sustainably grown Mānuka, Harakeke, Kawakawa and Kūmarahou, which all possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cleansing properties, Aotea focuses on creating products with healing benefits. Aotea’s Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream, for example, harnesses the power of omega-rich Harakeke and healing Kawakawa; a combination which promotes skin cell generation.

Sustainability and community are key aspects of Aotea’s ethos. Driven by the principles of tikanga Māori, sustainability is interwoven into every action; from mindfully harvesting a plant so it can continue to replenish and flourish, to growing all ingredients onsite and manufacturing with solar power. With no High School on the island, Aotea also offer a scholarship programme to Māori youth to attend leading High Schools on the mainland.

As for a typical day at Aotea; well, there isn’t one. Splitting his time between Aotea and the mainland, Tama wears many hats. From formulation to harvest, marketing and design; to running Aotea’s concept store in downtown Auckland, every day is different.

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