Bourne is about helping other women to be the very best version of themselves. Inside and out. We are not just another cosmetic brand, Bourne is a lifestyle.”

Based in Eastbourne, Wellington. 

Prue Holden | Bourne FounderPrue Holden, Founder - Bourne. 


Inspired by its namesake and origin, new-on-the-block beauty brand, Bourne is changing the game when it comes to natural makeup products. 

Inspired by the people, places and lifestyle of Eastbourne, just out of Wellington (hence ‘Bourne’), the idea for Bourne was sparked through Prue’s own journey in the beauty industry. A lash, brow and nail specialist (@prueholdenbrows), Prue believes in the power of makeup. “Working with women has been an extremely rewarding career and I have learned so much from them. One of these things is the lack of self-confidence and self-belief many women struggle with over the course of their lives. Having suffered with mental illness and lack of confidence for many years I am able to also see these struggles in others. I want to give back to women experiencing this and decided to do this through the power of makeup.”

What eventuated was a range of all-natural lip tints; each named after a place near Prue’s home or a whānau member, using beautifully nourishing botanicals such as shea butter, and rosehip, argan and jojoba oils. Sustainability is also at the core of everything Bourne does, with a vision to transition to a fully circular system in future. “The environment is at the heart of all my decisions,” says Prue, “our pots are glass with aluminium lids that can be reused or recycled, and our boxes are milled from sustainable forests.”



“Bourne is exemplified by kindness to humans, kindness to animals and kindness to the planet.” - Prue Holden 

A little under a year into their journey, no two days at Bourne HQ look the same. “There is no typical day at Bourne. I work three jobs, motherhood first, Bourne second, Prue Holden Brows third. Life is chaotic and changes constantly. My ideal day starts with a cup of tea, then a quick run and leap in the ocean - and cuddles with the kids are essential.”

With a mission to make some serious waves in the beauty industry, Bourne is growing fast with some big dreams. “My end game for a makeup line is to have a multi-purpose range of products. Bourne is about simplicity and a less-is-more approach - I want to bring to the market products that make us feel good and participate in our lives with confidence and purpose.”

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