Dust & Glow

A waterless beauty brand spearheaded by the ideas of circularity, renewability and simplicity.

Based in Auckland. 


Introducing the wonderful world of waterless beauty.

‘“In today’s world, being green, clean or sustainable is not enough anymore,” says Clean Beauty startup Founder, Gaelle Thieme.

Spearheaded by this ethos, Gaelle sought to create a beauty brand which embraced the ideas of circularity, renewability and simplicity. “From the get go, I wanted to create a beauty brand that not only has a lighter environmental footprint but also empowers people to rethink their daily routines. Driven by innovation, I wanted to simplify and rethink the way we use products. Because in beauty, less can be more.”

What resulted was Dust & Glow; a waterless beauty brand, which offers not-your-usual beauty cabinet basics. As Gaelle explains, the decision to go waterless was multi-faceted; naturally settling in two key areas benefit areas.

Dust & Glow

  1. Environmental
“There is a lot of water being shipped around the world and stored unnecessarily when there is a global water crisis. 2.2 billion people around the water still lack safely managed drinking water, including 785 million without basic drinking water. So we took the water out to give it back to those who need it the most.” 


The numbers:

  • 1 Dust & Glow Shampoo = 3 Bottles of Liquid Shampoo = Up to 60 washes. Your impact = over 3.5L of water saved + 3 plastic bottles.
  • 1 Dust & Glow Cleanser = 3 bottles of liquid cleanser = Up to 65 washes. Your impact = over 3L of water saved + 3 plastic bottles
2. Skincare benefits

A liquid skincare/beauty product will typically comprise between 80-95% water. Used as a cheap filler, this high concentration of water dilutes any active ingredients in the formulation. The great things about anhydrous (waterless) formulations is that they require no chemical preservatives and deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients to the skin.


Dust & Glow’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop at formulation - they have also worked to ensure that all packaging reflects their circular brand ethos. “I trialled and investigated so many options and at times, it got really confusing and overwhelming. I knew what I didn’t want (plastic, single-use, over packaged) but finding the ‘perfect’ packaging was no easy task,” says Gaelle. 

After researching options for over a year, the verdict was in: aluminium bottles with limestone pulp labels, and home-compostable refill packaging. “Our bottles are designed to be re-used and refilled. Unlike plastic, aluminium is endlessly recyclable and is made to last - we say NO to single use,” says Gaelle.

The labels, which look like paper, are actually made of natural limestone waste. “Although in an ideal world, I would have no labels on our bottles but a direct screen printing, as we are starting up it wasn’t an option so I looked up all label options available. The use of natural limestone waste beneficially reuses a waste stream; the manufacturing process does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent and uses relatively little energy - solar power,” says Gaelle.

Having recently brought Dust & Glow to market, free time for Gaelle is fairly few and far between. However, when she does get free time, it is dedicated to health, family and nature. “I have been on a health kick for the past few years, so I usually hit the gym first thing in the morning. I am also the proud mother to Clara and love walking her to daycare every day. I love cooking, always have a book on the go and love being by the ocean.”

As for her love of New Zealand, well, “what’s not to love?!” says Gaelle. “I moved to New Zealand from France 10-years ago and never looked back. Now, I am a proud kiwi and have travelled extensively around New Zealand with my little family. I love the rugged west coast beaches, the laid back approach and the beautiful scenery (should I mention the wine?!).”

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