A line of small-batch, handcrafted products derived from a love affair with all things botanical and untainted.

Based in Auckland. 


Upon launching her all-natural, cruelty-free range, Woodsy Botanics Founder, Gabrielle Johnson knew she had to find the perfect brand name for her clean beauty business. “I played around with a lot of ideas but nothing really seemed to work. Then one day I was out for breakfast with a group of friends. One of them had a hat on he had found at an op shop. The hat was a simple navy cap with the word Woodsy written across it. I kept repeating the word and realised it had an authentic and simplistic feel to it, which really encapsulated with Woodsy is all about.”

Since those early days, Woodsy now offers a wide range of face, body and bath products, all using ethically-sourced, natural ingredients to nourish the skin, mind and body. Such ingredients, like multi-purpose pink, green and white clays are showcased in their most raw, natural states. “The least amount of processing done to an ingredient retains its healing properties so I try to factor this in as much as possible when creating my products. We live on an ingredient planet with an array of plants that can provide every therapeutic property that we are looking for. When you begin to discover this you learn there is no need for cheap and harmful synthetic ingredients.”

Initially gaining an interest in the medicinal properties of plants from her time studying herbal medicine in Auckland, Gabrielle began making natural skincare products as a way to encourage more kiwi households to transition to natural alternatives. “I loved learning about the different medicinal properties of each plant and began experimenting with different tinctures and teas. I began to forage for plants and loved their look, feel and smell.”

With a holistic approach, Woodsy was also created with the environment in mind. From using recyclable glass jars, to botanicals that don’t create harm for sea life and locally sourcing ingredients (where possible), a focus on being kind to the environment is channelled at every touchpoint. Transparency has also been a driving force in the Woodsy brand and is reflected in several ways; from the clear glass packaging, which allows you a peek of the product inside to all ingredients being listed on the website.

As a small business, there is no typical day at Woodsy HQ; Gabrielle can be found answering emails, picking and packing orders and handcrafting her products in small batches; headphones in with a podcast playing and coffee in hand.

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